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HIV – No one is spared from it

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“I have friends of mine who have died of AIDS and many of those friends…did not tell me until the very end…because they felt that there was a stigma, a taboo, attached to it…now we have more women infected with HIV/AIDS, many of those women were infected by their husbands who did not tell them


This journey of education and breaking stigma around HIV is something that will have a legacy everlasting.

Ideology and the Scientific Process

Ideology and the Scientific Process

THE ESSENCE OF SCIENCE In the arguments over public policy, medicine and public health are increasingly being manipulated or neglected. Politics has intruded into scientific policymaking that is generally based on scientific concerns in areas as diverse as stem cell...

Latest HIV Aids Treatment

Latest HIV Aids Treatment

It is not surprising that almost everyone in the world now knows about AIDS. This disease is an equally chance killer and thousands of people have died from this disease in the last century. Thousands more were infected and will die during the next century. There is...

AIDS – New European Plague

AIDS – New European Plague

The territory that brought you the Black Death, communism and the all-pervasive kleptocracy now presents: AIDS. The process of enlarging to the east may, unwittingly, open the doors of the European Union to two specter of extremely brutal organized crime and a very...

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The challenges surrounding HIV and AIDS are getting more complex and mature, and we just can’t stick our heads in the sand and say ‘it can’t happen to me.’

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